…but it’s not in my Fake Books!

So what do you do when you teach a student about, say, “Piano-less Jazz Quartet” and the student is excited to learn a specific tune? You allow that passion to drive the learning forward. Sometimes that means transcribing a less familiar song.

We will hear this at a private saxophone student’s┬áSenior recital. She has recruited and rehearsed a rhythm section, and asked me to play Bari as she channels her best Chet-Baker-on-alto for this tune.

I am blessed with great students. I really enjoy working with younger players and watching them develop as musicians and as artists. Here’s the funny thing: When a student shows drive and excitement it often leads to learning for both the student and the teacher. Transcribing this tune and Gerry Mulligan’s lines was fun, and put me back in the mode of listening more carefully. It also has motivated me to start transcribing improvised solos again.

I think I am getting the best end of this teaching deal…just sayin’