Memorial Day, Military Music and Friendship

sapporoMy family and I had a wonderful time with a couple of great friends and their families  last evening – a Memorial Day gathering. Perfect weather, excellent food, lively conversation. Laughs and hugs all around. These friends and I were in the Army Band together. We met first in the Military School of Music, then were in Japan together with the 296th Army Band, living outside of Tokyo at Camp Zama.

One from Bloomington, Minnesota, one from Greensboro, North Carolina, and one from Richmond, Indiana, we now all live within 40 miles of each other near Raleigh, NC. We talk and see each other often.

Here are a few thoughts that came to me after the get-together:

  • While military life was not for me, defending our republic with a saxophone was definitely a great way to serve.
  • Those who served in combat roles were the ones who really gave for their country. Some gave all. God bless them.
  • Friendships forged during this time, especially with Mike and Mark, are most dear to me. They are truly family. And as Mike puts it, “I never wonder who’s got my back.” 




  1. Scott,

    Great thoughts my friend! I was sitting here with Karen telling her I would love for her to meet you one day….perhaps we can make it happen. BTW: I almost swear you showed me that pic back when we were in college. Did you have it with you at that time?

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for the note, Mike! I did have this picture back in the Berklee days. Would love to see you guys whenever the opportunity arises! Let’s figure out how to make that happen.

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