When a student graduates…

After the Senior Recital

After the Senior Recital

I taught one High School Senior as a private student this year. She worked hard and accomplished a lot, qualifying for all-district and state honors in Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. She also won “Jazz Musician of the Year” at her high school.

She finished the year with a Senior Recital, shared with my son, Mark, who is a vocalist. They both will attendĀ Universities in the fall; UNC School of the Arts for him, Stanford University (to study science) for her.

I wondered how it might feel, knowing that I would not be seeing her each week for lessons. I imagined it would be sad. Instead, I feel proud of her accomplishments. I am excited for what her future holds.

Congratulations Michaela. Your successes are well deserved. I can’t wait to learn what life will bring you next!