Santa’s Boots – sort of

BootsRWhat can put a sax-playing curmudgeon smack dab into the heart of the Christmas Spirit? That right, kiddies!  Transcribing an iconic tenor solo. What better to hear this season than Boots Randolph’s solo on Brenda Lee’s hit single “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”? None. Simply none.

Here it is. Rockin’ like that one-horse open sleigh going over the fields. Hot as chestnuts just off the open fire.

Brenda Lee was just 13 when she recorded this back in 1958! Boots was 31. Not until five years later did Boots record his famous “Yakety Sax.” And yes, he toured a bit with Elvis in the 60’s.

Here is a link to the transcription, if anyone cares to take a peek.   Rockin Tenor Sax


  1. Scott –
    I was looking for this, and your transcription is such a gift!
    I’m arranging the song for a Christmas show with a group of young lads as our horn section, and this saved me much time and labor! I re-cast it into 12/8 to point up the swing and filled in the ornaments. Happy to send that back over to you if you like! GREAT WORK! Thanks so much!
    Merry Christmas from a fellow curmudgeon,

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