Who teaches whom?

Here we are. End of March, first of April. This is when universities release acceptance/rejection letters and scholarship offers. Over the past three Springs I have worked with one senior each year. Parents, students and I discuss recommended programs that will continue to challenge the student and help develop their artistry. We prepare audition material. I write recommendation letters […]

New Students and Specific Goals

I have always been blessed with excited, dedicated and bright music students. This year is no exception. There are three new students meeting with me weekly, and they are each launching into the year with high energy and creative spirit. Thinking back on first lessons with teachers from my early years, they listened to something […]

Great Countertenor Recording

  My son, Mark, is planning to study voice at UNC School of the Arts in the fall. He has interest in singing countertenor. My exposure to countertenors was limited to Gene Puerling‘s work with the Hi-Lo’s and Singers Unlimited. I had heard no classical singers in this range. Mark and I found great examples […]

Student Spotlight: Ben C.

Congratulations to Ben C., a Rising 8th Grader. He studies Contemporary Music Theory and Jazz Improvisation, playing Alto/Tenor Saxophones and Flute. He will be starting Clarinet studies very soon. This past year, his accomplishments include 1st chair Tenor Saxophone in the All-County Symphonic Band, 1st Chair Alto Saxophone in the All-District Concert Band, and a […]

Plan to play saxophone after high school? Eight Essentials.

This is a short list of skills I encourage young students to target. Will this ensure success? Not entirely. Effective practice, performance experience and creative entrepreneurship will also be needed to be successful, but this is a great start. Play in ensemble settings. Good section players are very valuable. Sight Read accurately. Read new material […]

One of the Greatest Joys

I came home from a quick trip out of town late this evening to find the house filled with young musicians. My son, Mark, was rehearsing a string quartet for his upcoming recital. He had transcribed a piano accompaniment of G. Caccini’s version of “Ave Maria”. Mark will be singing Countertenor on this selection. Adding […]