Who teaches whom?

Here we are. End of March, first of April. This is when universities release acceptance/rejection letters and scholarship offers. Over the past three Springs I have worked with one senior each year. Parents, students and I discuss recommended programs that will continue to challenge the student and help develop their artistry. We prepare audition material. I write recommendation letters […]

Christmas Music – Scott’s Top Ten

Black Friday to many means shopping frenzy. For me it is the opening of Christmas music season. Typically I review the various holiday playlists in the weeks leading up to the season and scout out a few new albums, looking for new treasures. Thinking back on family favorites, I realize that nostalgia often trumps the […]

Santa’s Boots – sort of

What can put a sax-playing curmudgeon smack dab into the heart of the Christmas Spirit? That right, kiddies!  Transcribing an iconic tenor solo. What better to hear this season than Boots Randolph’s solo on Brenda Lee’s hit single “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”? None. Simply none. Here it is. Rockin’ like that one-horse open sleigh […]

It could have been the worst gig ever!

It could have been the worst gig ever. I would rather have my fingertips stripped to the bone and soaked in battery acid Madge/Palmolive-style than be late or unprepared for a job. Half-hour early is my typical arrival time. Over-packing is standard operating procedure. Packing for a Pops weekend with Charlotte Symphony. Bari, tenor and […]